2023 National Leagues Referee Panel Announced

Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) is pleased to announce the national leagues referee panel that will officiate Sal’s NBL and Tauihi games in 2023.

The panel features 27 referees, selected by the Referee Leadership Group, based on the referees’ performance in the leagues and national tournaments in the preceding year.

There are two new additions to this year’s panel – Mikayla Sharp and Brittney Young.

“Moving up to level 4 is super exciting. I am excited to be a part of Tauihi, particularly in its early and growing years,” said Young.

“You learn a lot of life skills at any level of basketball you referee, the league will open that next door of more challenging skills such as having a crowd behind you and being able to zone in on what your role is in that moment.

“I’ve had a taste of working with NBL refs through preseason games and national tournaments, all of which has made me want to get to this level even more. 

“I’ve seen so much push and support in all aspects of basketball in the last four years, particularly for females. And because of my passion for women in sport, I want to go as far as it will take me whether that be NZ NBL games or international appointments,” concluded Young.

National Referee Instructor and chair of the Referee Leadership Group Peter Rodgers praised both Mikayla and Brittney for their inclusion on the panel, as well as the other referees who received promotions.

“The Referee Leadership Group was very pleased to be able to promote Mikayla and Brittney to the panel for 2023. Their strong performances at recent national tournaments, where they have benefited from the investment BBNZ has made in training referees, have made them the top candidates to get the opportunity at national league level,” said Rodgers.

“We were also pleased to be able to recognise the performance of several referees during last year’s leagues with promotions within the panel.”

Multiple referees are approaching major milestones, with Hayden Pipe nearing 200 games and Sam Pan three games away from 100.

Sasha Nicholson and Harry Apes have both been promoted from level 4 to level 3, meaning they’re now eligible to referee Sal’s NBL games in addition to Tauihi.

The referee panel is split into four levels, based on both their experience and performance in previous seasons.

The Sal’s NBL season tips off on April 6, and the GJ Gardner Homes Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa schedule will be released on February 6.

2023 National Leagues Referee Panel

Level 1

Matt Bathurst
Tim Brown
Marty Davison
Ryan Jones
Melony O’Connor
Dallas Pickering
Callum Welch

Level 2

Tayla Ammunson
Mikey Graham
Rhys Hamilton
Sherhon Martin
Sam Pan
Hayden Pipe
Duran Whiu

Level 3

Harry Apes
Reagan Ashley
Brad Clive
Hamish Dale
Corey Hogg
Sasha Nicholson

Level 4

Aimee-Jo Clark
Jacob Cromb
Danielle Kooge
Taylor Lynch
Mikayla Sharp
Toni Smith-Hunwick
Brittney Young


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