Are The Airs The Team To Beat?

Heading into last night's thrilling 106-105 win over the Fluid Recruitment Otago Nuggets there were more than a few signs pointing towards a possible title this season for the Steelformers Taranaki Mountainairs.

The Airs sit 7-3 on top of the ladder. Are they the team to beat?

When you cast your eyes across the teams leading the stats as we get going in Week 4 of the Sal's NBL there is one particular team that keeps coming up - the Airs!


Most Points Per Game
Taranaki Mountainairs – 101

Most Rebounds Per Game
Taranaki Mountainairs – 48.9

Offensive Rebounds Per Game
Taranaki Mountainairs – 13.9

Least Points Against Per Game
Franklin Bulls – 80

Average Possessions Per Game
Taranaki Mountainiars – 87.7

Points In The Paint Per Game
Taranaki Mountainairs – 49.6

Second Chance Points Per Game
Taranaki Mountainairs – 13.4

Most Personal Fouls Per Game
Otago Nuggets – 20.1

Least Personal Fouls Per Game
Manawatu Jets – 13.8

Best Field Goal Percentage
Taranaki Mountainairs – 49.1%

Best 2pt Percentage
Otago Nuggets – 59.9%

Best 3pt Percentage
Taranaki Mountainairs – 37.7%

Most 3pt Made Per Game
Manawatu Jets – 13.9

Most Free Throws Attempted Per Game
Canterbury Rams – 20.1

Most Free Throws Made Per Game
Canterbury Rams – 15.6

Best Free Throw Percentage
Canterbury Rams – 77.3%

Most Assists Per Game
Taranaki Mountainairs – 19.1

Most Blocks Per Game
Taranaki Mountainairs & Franklin Bulls – 3.1

Most Blocks Against Per Game
Canterbury Rams – 4.2

Most Steals Per Game
Auckland Huskies – 9.8

Most Turnovers Per Game
Canterbury Rams – 15.9



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