AROUND THE LEAGUE: All The Latest Team News

With just five weeks to the start of the Sal's NBL 2019 season all nine teams are starting to assemble for pre-season training. For some, recruiting is just about done, while for others we are still eagerly awaiting updates on their respective roster. Here's the latest team news.



The Taranaki Steelformers Mountainairs have been extremely active in recent weeks and already have nine players signed for the season.

Chris Early*

Daniel Gomis*

Derone Raukawa

Alonzo Burton

Houston O'Riley

Aaron Bailey-Nowell

Thane O'Leary

Dane Brooks

Xavier Shaw



The Mike Pero Nelson Giants have been one of the most active teams in recent weeks and from all reports will finalise their roster with a couple of big announcements in the coming week.

Rhys Vague*

Daniel Grida*

Tyrell Harrison

Kruz Perrott-Hunt

Mika Vukona

Sam Dempster

Finn Delany (after European season)

Tom Ingham

Bronson Beri

Ali Granger

Riley Bensemann

Tyler Marsh



The Taylor Hawks are yet to make any official player announcements.



The Southern Huskies have created plenty of news ahead of their first season in the Sal's NBL and with plenty of player signings already announced, it's fair to say the Huskies come in with big expectations.

Harry Froling*

Jalen Billups*

Tre Nichols*

Mathiang Muo*

Tiri Masunda

BJ Radcliffe

Bryan Michaels

Mason Bragg



The Manawatu Jets have announced three players to date with more news set to be delivered shortly.

Shane Temara

Troy Temara

Jackson Stubbins



The Wheeler Motor Company Canterbury Rams have delivered plenty of activity so far as they gear up for a competitive season. Question is, will we see a third import?

Cam Gliddon*

Emmett Naar*

Tony Tolovae

Mike Karena

Taylor Britt

Nathan Campbell

Toby Gilooly

Luke Aston



The 2 Cheap Cars Supercity Rangers are another with little news to report just yet, but that doesn't mean they haven't been active. Expect some big announcements in the coming week.



The Cigna Wellington Saints will be keen to go one better this season and have started assembling another competitive roster that should see them competing for more silverware. With lots of roster spots left to fill, get ready for some big announcements in the near future.

Reuben Te Rangi

Shea Lli

Jordan Ngatai

Leon Henry



The SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks are assembling another competitive roster as they set about defending their 2018 championship. With a number of spots yet to fill, don't be surprised if the Sharks land another few big names yet.

Mitch McCarron*

Jarrad Weeks*

Alex Pledger

Dom Kelman-Poto

Hyrum Harris

Tom Vodanovich


*Denotes import/restricted player. Teams are only allowed to play (3) restricted players in a game.


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