Battle For GJ Gardner Homes Most Popular Player Award Is On

The battle for the GJ Gardner Homes Most Popular Player of the Year Award is about to commence with 16 players through to the knock-out voting.

The 16 players were decided from more than 400 comments from fans who suggested players they thought should be considered for the award.

A different match-up will take place each day starting from Wednesday July 7 with a Round of 16 to be followed by the quarter finals, then semi finals, before a final match-up to determine the winner.

This annual award is decided on by the fans of the Sal's NBL with voting and polls available on the League's social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Leading the charge will be 2019 winner Dom Kelman-Poto from the SIT Zero Fees Sharks - he starts this year's voting with a match-up against Denhym Brooke from the EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls.

Take a look at who has made it through to the final match-ups and check the League's social media each day to cast your vote.


Round of 16

Day 1 – Chris Johnson (Huskies) vs Brayden Inger (Sharks)

Day 2 – Carlin Davison (Airs) vs Pafe Momoisea (Nuggets)

Day 3 – Ethan Rusbatch (Hawks) vs Brook Ruscoe (Huskies)

Day 4 – Deshon Taylor (Rams) vs Taane Samuel (Saints)

Day 5 – Denhym Brooke (Bulls) vs Dom Kelman-Poto (Sharks)

Day 6 – Daishon Knight (Jets) vs Sam Timmins (Nuggets)

Day 7 – Jacob Murphy (Hawks) vs Hunter Hale (Giants)

Day 8 – Isaiah Moss (Nuggets) vs Joe Cook-Green (Rams)


Quarter Finals

Day 9 - Winner D1 vs Winner D2

Day 10 - Winner D3 vs Winner D4

Day 11 - Winner D5 vs Winner D6

Day 12 - Winner D7 vs Winner D8


Sem Finals

Day 13 - Winner D9 vs Winner D10

Day 14 - Winner D11 vs Winner D12



Day 15 - Winner D13 vs Winner D14


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