Can The Final 4 Order Change?

While we know the four teams to make it through to the Sal's NBL Final 4, can the actual order of the finals-bound teams change this week in R12 of the regular season?

All eyes will be on three games this week (Hawks vs Jets, Sharks vs Rams, Huskies vs Saints) where depending on results, the Saints could end up playing any of their three Final 4 opponents in a Semi Final.

So, the Final 4 order  most certainly can change!

But before getting ahead of ourselves, let's take a look at the ladder with seven games to be played in R12 from this Thursday night.

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With one round to play all eyes will be on the Hawks, Sharks and Huskies. Ironically the Saints play the Huskies, which could be a game that determines the final make-up of the top 4 if the Huskies can win, but that will depend on how the Hawks and Sharks finalise their regular season.

While the Hawks and Sharks could swap positions, the Huskies will only move up from 4th place if they beat the Saints and both the Hawks and Sharks lose. This would force a three-way tie (12-6) and a mini-ladder between the three teams, which would see the following result from games played between the teams:


Hawks (3-1) - defeated Huskies by 5, Sharks by 12, Sharks by 26 / lost to Huskies by 21.

Huskies (2-2) - defeated Hawks by 21, Sharks by 1 / lost to Hawks by 5, Sharks by 15.

Sharks (1-3) - defeated Huskies by 15 / lost to Huskies by 1, Hawks by 12, Hawks by 26.


If the Sharks and Huskies win, but the Hawks lose, the Hawks would drop to 4th and play the Saints in a Semi Final as the Huskies have head-to-head on the Hawks.


R12 Schedule

Thursday - Sharks vs Rams

Thursday - Hawks vs Jets

Friday - Bulls vs Saints

Saturday - Airs vs Giants

Saturday - Nuggets vs Rams

Saturday - Huskies vs Saints

Sunday - Jets vs Giants


Here's how things could end up.


  • Will finish top of the ladder regardless of all results, including their own.
  • If both the Sharks and Hawks win on Thursday night, the game between the Saints and Huskies on Saturday night will be a preview to Semi Final 1 at the Final 4 on Thursday July 22.
  • If the Jets beat the Hawks, the Sharks beat the Rams and Huskies beat the Saints, the Saints will face the Hawks in Semi Final 1.
  • If the Hawks and Sharks both lose, but the Huskies win, the Saints will play the Sharks next Thursday night in a Semi Final.


  • If the Hawks beat the Jets they will finish 2nd, regardless of all other results.
  • If the Hawks lose to the Jets, the Sharks beat the Rams and the Huskies beat the Saints, the Hawks will drop to 4th place.
  • If the Hawks lose to the Jets, the Sharks beat the Rams and the Saints beat the Huskies, the Hawks will finish 3rd.


  • The Sharks can only take 2nd place if they beat the Rams and the Hawks lose to the Jets.
  • If the Sharks and Hawks lose, but the Huskies beat the Saints, the Sharks will drop to 4th and play the Saints in a Semi-Final. 
  • If the Sharks lose, the Hawks and Huskies win, the Sharks will hold 3rd place as they have head-to-head on the Huksies.


  • If the Huskies lose to the Saints they will finish 4th.
  • The Huskies can only move to 3rd if the Hawks and Sharks both lose.

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