Casey Frank to lead Hoop Hedz on SENZ

The Sal’s NBL season will tip-off a day earlier than expected next week when radio network SENZ launches a new one-hour weekly basketball show – the Hoop Hedz.

Hosted by Sky Sport commentators Casey Frank and Justin Nelson, as well as regular SENZ host Riccardo Ball, the show will focus on Kiwi Hoops in the Sal’s NBL and Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa, as well as the game further afield.

Both Frank and Nelson will be immersed in the game in 2022, as they form part of the commentary team for the Sal’s NBL and GJ Gardner Homes Tauihi, with every game live on Sky Sport. To take this insight to the radio waves is a win for fans.

“What’s there not to like about talking basketball?” says a smiling Casey Frank, adding “But spare a thought for Riccardo, he’s the one that has to try and get a word in around us… that ain’t easy."

The opening show goes to air on Wednesday April 27 from 9pm across New Zealand on the SENZ network, less than 24 hours before the Sal’s NBL season tips off when the Giants host the Nuggets.

Guests lined up for the debut show include Wellington Saints coach Guy Molloy and his Southland Sharks counterpart Rob Beveridge, with the Aussie mates set to clash in Round One on Friday night in Invercargill.

“No doubt we’ll remind Casey that Guy Molloy was the first coach to sack him in the Aussie NBL," remarked Nelson

Players will feature prominently throughout the season with Mike Pero Nelson Giants skipper Sam Dempster joining this week, while US correspondent Sam Brief will deliver the ‘American Brief’ live from Chicago.

Hoop Hedz will be on SENZ at 9pm every Wednesday, beginning this week.


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