Fast Five – The 2nd Season Bolters

A number of international players will be returning to the Sal's NBL in season 2020, some having already played here in 2019, others a year or two ago. In this week's Fast Five we take a look at the 2nd Season Bolters you need to look out for.

1. EJ Singler (Wheeler Motor Company Canterbury Rams)

It's been announced that Singler is returning to the Sal's NBL, though this time it will be on the south island with the Rams. EJ's first season (2019) was a memorable one - he played in the Championship game with the Taylor Hawke's Bay Hawks, made the League's All-Star 5, and then picked up an ANBL gig with Brisbane. Now settled in this part of the world and having already competed in a Sal's NBL season, there's a big chance Singler takes his game to a whole new level in 2020, which is scary given what he delivered last year. 

2. Kyle Adnam (Wellington Saints)

Last time Adnam visited our shores he put together a very solid season with the Mike Pero Nelson Giants. A couple years on and Adnam has developed his game strongly in the ANBL and now returns to the League, this time with the Wellington Saints, and looks set to be one of the elite stars of the competition. A very astute bit of recruiting by the Saints, you can expect to see Adnam running the show Zico Coronel and delivering big numbers across the board. Adnam will also be a fan favourite, his fearless approach to his game is a real strength and the fans will love that.

3. Sunday Dech (SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks)

There has already been plenty of fanfare afforded to Dech since the Sharks unveiled their newest recruit, but such high praise is well deserved. The dynamic guard left our shores with plenty of admirers after winning a championship with the Saints last season and proving to be one of the competition's very best defenders, then he went to another level with the Illawarra Hawks in the ANBL over the last six months where his game further excelled. With Dech about to return for a second season in the Sal's NBL, every sign leads to him being a force. 

4. Wally Ellenson (EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls)

Ellenson's first season in the Sal's NBL was spectacular. While the Property Brokers, See Me Media Manawatu Jets may not have won too many games, high-flying Wally won a heap of admirers with his inside-outside game, dashing runs and dazzling dunks. Now in new colours for 2020 with the Bulls, Wally knows his away around the league and could be amongst the top few scorers, maybe even at the very top. Make no mistake, Wally Ellenson will be featuring in a lot of highlight reels this season and will ensure the stands are packed in Franklin.

5. Shaun Bruce (Wheeler Motor Company Canterbury Rams)

Another slick recruiting move by the Rams, very much in the same mould of the type of steady, clever and reliable player they had in Cam Gliddon last season. Bruce is creative and has the smarts to constantly bring others into the game. With the likes of Jack Salt and EJ Singler to feed, and work off, Bruce looks set to deliver a big season. If Bruce's current stint with the Sydney Kings is anything to go by, his second season in the Sal's NBL will be a ripper to watch.




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