FAST FIVE – The Big Five Questions In R13

It's the penultimate round of the 2019 Sal's NBL season and even though the Final 4 is set, there are still plenty of questions to ask ...... five in fact!


FAST FIVE - Question 1

Q - Will the loser of Thursday night's game between the Airs and Jets claim the wooden spoon?

A - The chances are extremely high. Given the Jets travel to Invercargill in R14 and the Airs have to face the Giants, the battle for the wooden spoon looks set to be won and lost in this Thursday Nights Lights clash. As for who loses and therefore wins the wooden spoon? Best not to go on last week's form as a guide!

FAST FIVE - Question 2

Q - Will the Hawks rest players against the Rangers?

A - There is a very high chance the Hawks won't take risks. EJ Singler has already been ruled out and chances are the likes of Jarrod Kenny, Brandon Bowman and Ethan Rusbatch will rack up some big numbers quickly and then sit. The Hawks will look to get out to an early lead and then rest their stars against the struggling Rangers who will again be severely short-handed.

FAST FIVE - Question 3

Q - Given they are already locked-in for the Final 4, will the Rams or Saints change things up when they clash on Friday night?

A - That is a very good question and one that probably can't be answered until we see exactly how each team steps on court and approaches the game. First and foremost neither team will want any injuries, so caution will be sky-high. Bragging rights won't really mean anything to either team - if they do meet each other again this season it will be in Grand Final. Expect to see plenty of each team's respective second unit and don't be surprised if the likes of Sunday Dech plays 30+ minutes and picks up some MVP votes.

FAST FIVE - Question 4

Q - Will the 'bigger' Huskies grab an 'away' win on New Zealand soil in either Southland or Nelson?

A - The change from Tre Nichols (injured) to Harry Froling probably makes the Huskies a little top-heavy, but it didn't stop them from cleaning up the Airs with ease last week. From 7 games in NZ this season they have so far grabbed 3 wins, so another victory or two would be nice, they could even jump the Giants on the ladder and be the 'best of the rest'. No doubt they looked better last week so a win this round (or two) is definitely possible. 

FAST FIVE - Question 5

Q - Can the Saints really go all the way and win the title without a loss?

A - Well if they get past the Rams this week then they are a step closer, in fact they will be two steps closer given they will breeze past the Rangers in R14. Let's not forget the Saints have done this all before (won a championship without a loss), but their biggest tests are ahead of them and to achieve the big prize they still need to get past the Sharks (Semi Final) and either the Rams or Hawks (Grand Final). Of course given they have accounted for all three teams in every clash so far this season you can't help but feel they will like their chances.


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