Game Review Panel Update – R5

The Sal’s NBL Game Review Panel (GRP) has met today and handed down the following findings following Round 5.

Game Review Panel Update
The Sal’s NBL Game Review Panel (GRP) has issued a warning and a two charges following a hectic round of games.

Nelson Giants coach Mike Fitchett has received an official warning after approaching the referees to dispute a decision immediately after the final buzzer of his team’s narrow loss to the Canterbury Rams last Thursday night.

The referees issued a report to the League seeking an investigation by the GRP.

“Coach Fitchett didn’t go about his duties in a manner that we are happy with and as such he has been officially warned that any further indiscretions involving poor behaviour towards referees will incur an immediate fine under the League’s Tribunal System,” said Sal’s NBL General Manager, Justin Nelson.

“In speaking with Coach Fitchett, he accepts that he didn’t go about things the right way, he was frustrated and stepped over the line. I’m confident that this warning will help him to remember that we are watching and we expect all of our coaches and players to act appropriately towards officials,” added Nelson.


Supercity Rangers player Tim Quarterman has been issued with one charge following a report submitted by two referees after his team’s win against the Taranaki Mountainairs on Sunday.

Quarterman received an Unsportsmanlike Foul and a Technical Foul during the fourth quarter and was subsequently disqualified from the game and asked to leave the court. Quarterman displayed unsportsmanlike behaviour in that he returned to an area deemed as being a part of the game precinct immediately at the final whistle, which is not allowed.

“Player Tim Quarterman did the wrong thing by returning to an area he was not permitted to be in. I understand he was wanting to represent the club at the after-game signing session with the fans, and this is acceptable, however he should have waiting for team management to come and collect him from the change-rooms once the game had officially ended and the officials had exited the game precinct,” Nelson said.

The following charge has been levelled against Quarterman and he now has 48-hours to either accept an early guilty plea or to have the charges heard by the NBL Tribunal.

1. Unsportsmanlike Behaviour - 1st Offence / $250 Fine (Early Guilty Plea / $125)


Southern Huskies coach Anthony Stewart has been charged following his comments about referees in a media interview following Sunday evening’s game against the Southland Sharks.

“In comments made to the media after the game Coach Stewart voiced his displeasure about the conduct and level of officiating in the league, and even referenced that a fine was likely, so this charge won’t come as a surprise to him,” Nelson said.

“The league has a process for seeking clarification on decisions in a game and I would encourage Coach Stewart to work through those channels in the future.

“In addition to this, being a former coach myself, I fully respect and understand the pressures in the heat of a game, which referees also go through, but we all need to be mindful how we conduct ourselves and what we publicly say in those situations.

“Coach Stewart knows, like all coaches in the league do, that they can always pick up the phone and have a chat with me. I’d much rather have those conversations and cop some of that frustration instead of issuing fines. There are better things for Anthony to be spending his money on,” added Nelson.

Coach Stewart has been charged with the following by the GRP and now has 48-hours to either accept an early guilty plea or to have the charges heard by the NBL Tribunal;

1) Public Criticism Of Referees - 1st Offence / $250 Fine (Early Guilty Plea / $125)


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