Hoop Heads Returns With Two Shows Every Week

The Sal’s NBL tips-off this Thursday night with a big week of hoops action planned in the lead up to the Franklin Bulls and Hawke’s Bay Hawks clash, and it all starts on Tuesday night with the return of Hoop Heads to SENZ.

Backed by Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza, the mid-week coverage of the both the Sal’s NBL and G.J. Gardner Homes Tauihi will double this year with Hoop Heads to also appear of Sky Sport every Thursday night leading into the opening game of each round.

Casey Frank and Justin Nelson return to host Hoop Heads on SENZ (Tuesday 9pm), with the pair being joined by Andrew Mulligan and Taylah Johnson for Hoop Heads on Sky Sport (Wednesday 8:00pm).

“We had a lot of fun with Hoop Heads last year on SENZ, so it’s great news that we are doubling up each week with also having a show on Sky Sport,” said Justin Nelson.

“It’s always hard to get a word in around Casey and I, so I wish Mulls and Taylah good luck. I doubt Casey will go as far as sharing any of his Sal’s pizza with them, but we’ll see how we go.”

Casey Frank says you can expect everything from in-depth analysis to light-hearted banter.

“Taking the format of the show to Sky is exciting as we double the coverage offered to fans at a time when the Sal’s NBL is going from strength to strength.  In depth interviews and analysis of the x’s and o’s will give insight to the thinking of players and teams, but its when things get a wee bit off the rails that things start to get really fun. 

"With a rotating cascade of special guests and hosts, Hoop Heads will give you the best coverage of the league all season long but it’s the laughs that will keep you coming back,” said Frank.

Here’s a snapshot of all the opening week Sal’s NBL coverage:

Round 1

Tuesday April 4 (9pm) – Sal’s Hoop Heads (SENZ)

Wednesday April 5 (8:00pm) – Sal’s Hoop Heads (Sky Sport 1)

Thursday April 6 (7pm) – Franklin Bulls vs Hawke’s Bay Hawks (Sky Sport 1)

Friday April 7 (7pm) – Southland Sharks vs Manawatu Jets (Sky Sport 3)

Saturday April 8 (5pm) – Nelson Giants vs Auckland Tuatara (Sky Sport Select)

Saturday April 8 (7pm) – Wellington Saints vs Hawke’s Bay Hawks (Sky Sport Select)

Sunday April 9 (4pm) – Otago Nuggets vs Manawatu Jets (Sky Sport 2)

Sunday April 9 (6pm) – Canterbury Rams vs Taranaki Airs (Sky Sport 2 / Prime TV)


# All games are available live on ESPN+ in United States and Puerto Rico.

# All games are available live on FIBA You Tube (outside of NZ, USA & Puerto Rico).


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