Official Score – Huskies 66 Lost To Rams 68

Southern Huskies 66 lost to Canterbury Rams 68

Huskies - Tre Nichols 22pts, Marcel Jones 20pts, Craig Moller 10pts & 16rbs.

Rams - Mike Karena 17pts, Cam Gliddon 12pts.

Stats That Matter - literally nothing separated the two teams. In such a close contest perhaps the Huskies' additional 3 turnovers which led to an additional 3 turnover points for the Rams may have been the difference in the end.

TAB MVP Votes - Mike Karena (Rams) 9, Marcel Jones (Huskies) 7, Tre Nichols (Huskies) 7, Isaiah Wilkins (Rams) 3, Craig Moller (Huskies) 2, Cam Gliddon (Rams) 2.

Talking Points

  1. Yet again the grinding defence of the Canterbury Rams led to a tough night at the office for the Huskies, who to their credit were equally as hard at the defensive end and it nearly led to a much-needed win. While it didn't make for a great spectacle, whit it did do is provide a dramatic finish.
  2. The Rams continue to prove you don't need a standout star to be a genuine contender. The team ethos at the Rams is exceptional and coach Mick Downer must take credit for the culture he has already built. No player matters more than any other, everyone has a job to do and success will only come if each man accomplishes their given task. It's a lot of fun to watch and no doubt rewarding to be a part of if you're a Rams fan.
  3. The Huskies are on the edge and now need to head to NZ next week and find a way to beat both the Rams and the Sharks in order to stay in the Final 4 mix. Two losses at home to the suffocating Rams now puts them on the back foot.





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