Instant Replay System to be implemented for Final 6

Photo credit: Angela Ruske

The Sal’s National Basketball League (Sal’s NBL) will implement the Instant Replay System (IRS) for the 2023 Final 6 at The Trusts Arena in Auckland.

The inclusion of the IRS will enable referees to review certain plays throughout the game. FIBA processes will be mirrored when it comes to the use of the IRS, except for Sky City Player Timeouts which are not part of FIBA’s regulations but will be reviewable under Sal’s NBL guidelines.

National Leagues Referee Manager Ken Coulson says the move to implement IRS is necessary in the modern game.

“This a great innovation for the League as we can now introduce the use of IRS using FIBA Rules. Having IRS will provide accurate adjudication by the refereeing crew for all the games during the finals,” said Coulson.

“It is a level of technology that is expected in the modern game and worth the effort to use it this year.”

IRS can be used anytime throughout the game to review plays such as 2-point/3-point field goals, foul upgrades or downgrades, and clock timings.

It can also be utilised in the final two minutes of regulation and overtime to review out of bounds plays, goaltending, and whether a shot was successful or not prior to the clock expiring.

The Final 6 referees have also been confirmed. The following six referees have been selected:

Callum Welch
Duran Whiu
Matt Bathurst
Melony O’Connor
Ryan Jones
Sherhon Martin   

The Final 6 takes place from July 20-23 at The Trusts Arena in Auckland. Tickets can be purchased here:


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