Kelman-Poto keen to keep crashing the boards

Dom Kelman-Poto had all the essentials for a basketballer going into quarantine, until he didn’t.

After finishing a weights session he decided to test out his legs and got a little too carried away on a dunk, breaking the hoop in the process.

The forward has since replaced what he broke and learnt from the experience.

“It wasn’t a flashy dunk and after doing what I sort of normally do it just came down,” Kelman-Poto says.

“I think the reason it came down was that I didn’t weigh it down with enough water, but I should’ve known better.”

You can hardly blame him for wanting to have a little fun at a time when Kiwis were confined to a stone’s throw from their home.

There was also the possibility of basketball being off the cards in 2020, taking away not only a healthy pastime but also a source of income for a select few.

Kelman-Poto says his plans for the coming months were dim without the inclusion of basketball.

“At first, I was pretty down about not being able to play ball and be down in Southland like what was planned.

“This didn’t last too long though, as I realised that the break gave me more time to spend with my family.

“I didn’t really think too far ahead because I knew everything was up in the air, but I’m not too sure what I would have done. That’s why I’m so glad to be back playing soon.”

While it's almost certain Kelman-Poto will go in the early rounds of the Sal’s NBL Player Draft, what isn’t clear is what team will take him.

He along with the other 300 plus players who registered for the Player Draft won’t find out who they’ll be representing until 6 June at the earliest.

The Auckland product says he’d love to be playing for the Southland Sharks but will do the job for whatever team he falls into.

“I was looking forward to putting the orange singlet back on this year, but I understand the Sharks decision and hopefully I get to head back down there next year.

“Whoever drafts me is going to get a guy who will give 100% and have the backs of his teammates.

If Kelman-Poto shows the same tenacity he showed his hoop on the court, he will be a problem for those opposing him.


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