League Confirms Location Of Three Prospective New Teams

With six prospective franchises currently working through an official Franchise Bid Process to join the Sal's NBL in season 2020, the League can now confirm the identity of three clubs looking to be a part of the action.

To date the League has remained tight-lipped on the identity of those involved, but with half of the respective franchises having now gone public to confirm their pursuit of joining the competition, Sal's NBL General Manager Justin Nelson has also confirmed their interest.

"We currently have six prospective franchises in play for a spot in the Sal's NBL next season, three of which have now publicly spoken about their desire to join this growing competition," said Nelson, adding "These include Franklin Basketball in South Auckland, Basketball Otago based in Dunedin, and an entity out of Canberra, Australia."

Nelson confirmed all three are currently finalising their formal bids, which are due on May 31st, however he wouldn't elaborate on the remaining three.

"We've been very transparent through this process, however we fully respect the commercial aspects of each entity and the confidentiality that is required. In each case it is up to them to announce their intentions publicly. First and foremost their ambition to join the competition is about them, not us," said Nelson.

Nelson did confirm that the other three prospective franchises include a further two from New Zealand's north island and one more from Australia.


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