Most Passionate Fans, Favourite Mascot, Best Atmosphere? We Ask The Guys Who Have Seen It All This Season

Nobody gets around to more Sal's NBL games than the Sky Sport commentary team and in particular five commentators who have been to or seen every team in action, which means they have experienced the passion, atmosphere, mascots and highlights of the 2021 season more than anyone else.

We've posed eight questions to our handful of weary travellers - Huw Beynon (HB), Casey Frank (CF), Dillon Boucher (DB), Andrew Dewhurst (AD) and Justin Nelson (JN). Here's what they had to say.


Question 1 – Which Team’s Fans Show The Most Passion?

HB: Saints

CF: Rams

DB: Sharks

AD: Airs – I love the passion they have for their team despite the on-court struggles

JN: Rams / Jets (love seeing the Jets fans dressing in green)


Question 2 – Where Have You Seen Or Experienced The Best Atmosphere At A Game This Season?

HB: Rams (Cowles Stadium)

CF: Rams (Cowles Stadium)

DB: Rams (Cowles Stadium)

AD: Rams (Cowles Stadium)

JN: Rams (Cowles Stadium)


Question 3 – Which Mascot Do You Enjoy Watching The Most?

HB: Blitz (Bulls), Rambo (Rams), Yeti (Airs) - I'm a classic fence-sitter!

CF: Yeti (Airs) - not that I have ever enjoyed watching mascots!

DB: Yeti (Airs)

AD: Not sure any have stood out to me yet – so I offer a challenge, maybe a mascot trampoline dunking contest or some break-dancing, bring it!

JN: Yeti (Airs)


Question 4 – Which Team Have You Seen Ride The Wave Of Home Crowd Support The Best This Season?

HB: Hawks / Sharks

CF: Sharks

DB: Rams

AD: Giants over the Hawks in a game in May

JN: Sharks


Question 5 – Which Venue Do You Think Opposition Teams Find The Most Daunting To Play At?

HB: TSB Bank Arena (Saints)

CF: Pettigrew Green Arena (Hawks)

DB: ILT Stadium Southland (Sharks)

AD: Can I award this jointly…. TSB Bank Arena (Saints) and ILT Stadium Southland (Sharks) – it is just obvious, tough teams with great crowds.

JN: ILT Stadium Southland (Sharks)


Question 6 – Which Team Do You Think Generates The Biggest And Best Home Court Advantage?

HB: Sharks

CF: Hawks

DB: Sharks

AD: I will go Saints, just – their history hits you as you walk in the door.

JN: Saints


Question 7 – Which Player Do You Think Feeds Off Their Home Fans The Most?

HB: Derone Raukawa (Hawks)

CF: Deshon Taylor (Rams)

DB: Taane Samuel (Saints)

AD: Taane Samuel (Saints)

JN: Deshon Taylor (Rams) & Daishon Knight (Jets)


Question 8 – Which Player Do You Thinks Feeds Off Opposition Fans The Most?

HB: Taane Samuel (Saints)

CF: Derone Raukawa (Hawks)

DB: Deshon Taylor (Rams)

AD: Derone Raukawa – and any opposition player that wants to talk to him!

JN: Taane Samuel (Saints) - would have gone Josh Selby (Bulls) if he was still here, he loved mixing it with the opposition fans.



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