NBL Player Eligibility Explained

As a new season greets us and with a new team from Tasmania joining the league, one of the hottest topics around the Sal’s NBL in recent weeks has been player eligibility and how it works?

All this talk of restricted and non-restricted players can get a bit confusing, so NBL Media decided to delve into the league rules and provide a rundown on player eligibility ahead of the opening round.


In the Sal’s NBL who qualifies as a non-restricted player?

For the (8) New Zealand based teams any player who is eligible to be selected for a New Zealand national team under FIBA rules is regarded as a non-restricted player. For the Southern Huskies (based in Tasmania, Australia) this rule is extended to also include any player who is eligible to be selected for an Australian national team under FIBA rules - therefore the Huskies have un-restricted access to Australians (check minute-based rule below) and New Zealanders who qualify for national team selection.


Is there a minutes restriction for Australian players based on the above rule?

Yes there is, but only for the Southern Huskies and only with respect to players coming out of the Australian NBL. If the Huskies recruit an Australian who has come to the club immediately from the Australian NBL and they have averaged more than 7.5 minutes per game in the NBL season just finished, the player is regarded as restricted. Any Australian player averaging less than 7.5 minutes per game in the NBL is regarded as un-restricted for the Huskies.


Are Australian players classed as un-restricted players for NZ-based teams?

No. All Australian players, regardless of minutes played in any league in Australia, or anywhere around the world, are classed as a restricted player for the NZ-based teams.


How many restricted players can each team have?
All teams are permitted to have a maximum of (3) restricted players registered in their team at the one time. In order to bring in an additional restricted player, the team must first de-register a current restricted player and then register the new restricted player. If a team wishes to re-register a previously de-registered restricted player, it must apply to do so in writing to the league.


What's the short version?

Any NZ franchise can have up to 3 players that are not eligible to play for NZ, the Huskies can have up to 3 players not eligible for Australia or NZ or who have played more than 7.5 minutes per game in the NBL (season prior).


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