NBL Removes Court Decals From High Traffic Areas To Improve Player Safety

The Sal’s NBL will remove court decals from either end of the court this season in a move to increase player safety.

With the unanimous support of all 10 teams ahead of the 2021 men’s season, court decals will no longer be permitted in the restricted area (key) or around the three-point arc at both ends of the court.

Court decals will strictly be limited to the middle third of the court and must fully meet all FIBA regulations with regards to product standard, manufacturing, and installation.

To further assist teams with commercial partnerships, the League has developed a new branding opportunity on the backboards above the shooting square.

League General Manager Justin Nelson said providing a safe working environment for players was behind the move.

“We have seen some players slip on decals in high traffic areas in the past and that’s not something we want in our game here in New Zealand. We want to remove that risk,” said Nelson.

“The decals we use are of a very high standard and meet FIBA regulations, but high traffic areas at each end of the court come with increased risk where players are constantly turning, landing, and stopping sharply.

“We think keeping decals to the middle third of the court will provide a safer workplace for the players, while also ensuring we continue to service our valued partners, which the teams and League also need.

“Equally, the League and every team recognise we need to keep finding new and creative ways to promote our sponsors that are safe, and I'm sure the players will support this, so the use of a logo on the backboard is just one way we will look to do this,” Nelson added.

The Sal’s NBL tips off on April the 24th when the Otago Nuggets take on the Wellington Saints at the Edgar Centre in Dunedin.

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