NBL tip-off can’t come soon enough for Timmins 

The nationwide lockdown disrupted most people’s daily routines, but perhaps none more so than dedicated athletes like Sam Timmins.

The big man didn’t have access to a hoop during the lockdown and has been doing his best to make up for lost time over the past week.

Timmins says it was weird not being able to get shots up after religiously doing so for the past five years.

“I wouldn’t say that I didn’t enjoy the lockdown because it was quite nice just to chill, but it was a bit of a pain not practising or playing.

“My dad is a lecturer for how to be a strength and conditioning coach, so he took like a bike, a rower and a few dumbbells from work, so I was able to keep the body in good nick.

“Once we went into level two though, I’ve just tried to have a basketball in my hands as much as possible.”

The forward has returned home after spending the past four seasons at Washington University, competing in the Pac-12 Conference.

He made the headlines as a 15-year-old whilst playing at Otago Boys’ High School when he made his NBL debut for the Otago Nuggets – the youngest debutant in the team’s history.

Fast forward to the turn of a new decade and the southerner will be back playing in the Sal’s NBL, only for a new team – the EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls.

Timmins says his commitment to one the league’s newest franchises was based on the organisation’s vision.

“I had a good conversation with the coach Liam Simmons, and I liked all the movements they had in place.

“A big part of where you go should have to do with what is happening off the floor because you’ve got to be around good people with the same sort of mindset.

While the original plans have had to change with all that’s happened over the past two months, what hasn’t wavered is his eagerness to get back to business.

“I’m looking forward to hanging on the rim, I’m looking forward to scrimmages and then obviously the games are going to be the best part!

“Even just being on a team I’ve missed, so I can’t wait to be back in a huddle and be back working with guys to get wins.”

The Bulls first opportunity to claim their first victory will be against the Taranaki Steelformers Mountainairs on Wednesday 24 June.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to guard Timmins on the block, here is your chance! Register for the Sal’s NBL Player Draft taking place on Thursday 11 June.


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