Night 2 Game Previews

Night 2 will see the Jets, Nuggets and Bulls on court for the first time, and for the Bulls it will be a historical evening as they play their first ever Sal's NBL game.

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When: 5:30pm / Wednesday June 24

Broadcast: Live on Sky Sport 3 / Sky Sport Now

Tickets: Available from $5 (children) & $20 (adults) for two games - click HERE.

Jets Starters: Jayden Bezzant, Nick Fee, Hyrum Harris, Tom Vodanovich, Taane Samuel.

Nuggets Starters: Jarrod Kenny, Josh Aitcheson, Jordan Ngatai, Kane Keil, Jordan Hunt.

Preview: This looks like an intriguing match-up between two teams that will like their chances over the next six weeks. The Nuggets starred at the draft with Ngatai and Kenny falling their way, while the Jets landed Vodanovich and Harris with their top two picks. It appears both teams will play with speed and showcase plenty of freelance. The match-up between young guns Taane Samuel and Jordan Hunt will be worth a look, while there was plenty of interest in Jayden Bezzant my most teams during the draft so keep an eye on him. Looking at the respective second units, there are plenty of youngsters to watch and a diamond or two might be unearthed early in the season. As for a winner? Maybe it will come down to which team can hit stride, land some shots and eliminate the rust. A good match-up. 

Talking Point: How did Jarrod Kenny slip to pick 14 in the draft? Make no mistake, Kenny was the steal of the night and will take no time at all to show the other teams what they missed out on.

Jets Weapon: While all eyes will be on Hyrum Harris and Tom Vodanovich, who are very much two of the premier players in the Sal's NBL Showdown, keep an eye on Jayden Bezzant. The high-scoring guard was highly-sought after in the lead-up to the draft and gets his chance here to show what he's got against Jarrod Kenny. There is no better marker, so let's see what Bezzant can deliver?

Nuggets Weapon: Let's start with the competition's number one draft pick, Jordan Ngatai. Loaded with experience and an all-round game, Ngatai is set to be one of the best and most consistent players over the next six weeks. The Nuggets know his class, and playing off Kenny will bring Ngatai's high-level skills to the surface every time he steps on court.


When: 7:30pm / Wednesday June 24

Broadcast: Live on Sky Sport 3 / Sky Sport Now

Tickets: Available from $5 (children) & $20 (adults) for two games - click HERE.

Bulls Starters: Jackson Stubbins, Everard Bartlett, Dom Kelman-Poto, Isaac Davidson, Sam Timmins. 

Airs Starters: Derone Raukawa, Mitch Dance, Marcel Jones, Shane Temara, Tai Wynyard. 

Preview: It's time for the Bulls to show us what they've got! After a big build-up we finally get to see the EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls for the first time and their Sal's NBL debut should be a ripper. Up against the Steelformers Taranaki Mountainairs, who looked sharp in their season debut last night, this game promises to be a quality clash. Derone Raukawa left no stone unturned last night as he masterfully led his Airs to an opening win over the Giants - his 28pts and 10ast were full of highlights. Much like the Huskies last night, expect a few nerves for the Bulls with Coach Liam Simmons no doubt keen for his charges to settle early. The big questions - How will the Airs back up from last night? How many Bulls fans will turn up to be a part of history? Who will be the go-to players for the Bulls? 

Talking Point: The Bulles will have had a very good look overnight at Derone Raukawa. Such was the point-guard's influence on the opening night, the Bulls must find a way to limit his scoring punch and creativity. If they can't shut Raukawa down, it might be a long night for the League's new kids on the block.

Bulls Weapon: If you listened to pre-season talk there were a lot of people talking about the shape, form and class of Dom Kelman-Poto. The explosive forward is said to be at his best right now and eager to show people what he has. Arguably the best 6th man in the League last year, get ready to see DKP rise and become a leading player in the 2020 Sal's NBL Showdown.

Airs Weapon: We know what Derone Raukawa did last night and what he will bring every night, but you get the feeling Marcel Jones was just warming up with the competition's first double-double last night. Once Jones gets going he is expected to be more than a handful for most teams, most nights.



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