Pre-Selection Starts 9am Saturday – How Does It Work?

The Sal's NBL Pre-Selection window opens at 9am on Saturday June 6 and is set to deliver four days of extreme strategy amongst all seven teams as they each make their move ahead of the June 11 Draft.

Between 9am tomorrow and 6pm next Tuesday, June 9, each team will have the opportunity to pre-select players based on certain criteria.

No pre-selections will be announced publicly and only the team that has applied to pre-select a player will know if they have been successful or not. All pre-selections will be either approved or denied by the NBL Independent Panel.

The Panel members are Dillon Boucher, Huw Beynon, Judd Flavell and Justin Nelson.

All successful pre-selections will be announced during the June 11 Draft, when 'live' picks will also be conducted.


Want to know the Pre-Selection Rules the teams are working by? Here they are;

A) Each team will be able to pre-select up to 9 players, which can be used to fill any of the (12) roster positions available to each team.

B) A team will be able to pre-select a player based on the following four criteria;

1) The player went or has been going to secondary school in the immediate area/town/region/city for a minimum of (4) years.
2) The Player has lived in the area/town/region/city for no less than 10 years at any one time.
3) The player has played the majority of his NBL career to date for the team (based on minutes played).
4) The player previously signed a Player Agreement to play for the team in season 2020 and this agreement was lodged with the League and signed-off by the League.

With regards to criteria (1) and (2), the following regions will apply;

Taranaki Mountainairs – Taranaki Region
Nelson Giants – Nelson/Tasman and Marlborough Region
Otago Nuggets – Otago Region
Canterbury Rams – Canterbury Region
Manawatu Jets – Manawatu Region
Auckland Huskies – Auckland Region
Franklin Bulls – Auckland Region

C) During the pre-selection window the team must send the Pre-Selection Form to the League, which must include;

1) The desired Ranking (between 1 and 12). The NBL Independent Panel retains the right to question or veto any pre-selection if it deems it to be a ‘questionable ranking’.
2) The team and player must sign the Pre-Selection Form indicating both parties agree to the pre-selection and the offered ranking.
3) If under the Pre-Selection Criteria a number of teams have the ability to pre-select a player, the player can only accept and sign one offer.

D) A team can pre-select up to (2) players from the Top 14 Ranked players. These players can only be offered a Rank 1 or Rank 2 position. The pre-selection form must be signed by both the team and player.

# The Top Rank 14 players will be determined by the NBL Independent Panel in conjunction with the head coaches from all 7 teams. The Top Rank 14 players will not be published publicly.

E) Once a pre-selection Ranking has been agreed to by the team and player, and signed-off by the NBL Independent Panel, the corresponding draft position for the team will be filled with the pre-selected player. Successful pre-selections will be announced publicly on Draft night in draft order.

F) Following the Pre-Selection Window, all other ‘vacant’ roster positions for each team will be filled via the Player Draft on Thursday June 11.

G) The NBL Independent Panel will determine the draft order based on the pre-selections of each team (strength of each team). The NBL Independent Panel reserves the right to set the draft order in any of the 12 rounds.

I) Via the draft order determined by the NBL Independent Panel, the teams will be free to select any player from this pool in any round of the draft. The player will be paid the corresponding contract payment according to the round they were drafted in.

J) Any player that has elected to hold ‘Amateur Status’ and is subsequently drafted to a paid position, the player will forgo any payment back to the League. 




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