R13 Selections, Previews & Quotes

It's the penultimate round of the Sal's NBL season and though we know the teams headed to the Final 4 there is still plenty to play for. Here's preview of everything you need to know for R13.


Taranaki Mountainairs vs Manawatu Jets - Thursday @ 7:35pm

Broadcast: watch live on SKY Sports and Prime TV from 7:30pm

Game Preview

The Airs and Jets clash is a true battle on Thursday Night Lights to avoid holding up the rest of the competition in season 2019. Both teams have celebrated just two wins this season and far too often have gone missing just when they needed to up the ante. However, both teams have also shown enormous potential and competitive streaks, just not often enough. The Airs return from a trip to Tassie where they were soundly beaten by 53pts, while the Jets are coming off two large losses to the tune of 43pts and 39pts respectively. Despite the big margins you can be assured there will be a lot of pride on the line in this clash as both teams throw their all behind avoiding the unwanted wooden spoon.


Starting 5
14. Alonzo Burton (guard)
8. Derone Raukawa (guard)
5. Xavier Shaw (forward)
22. Aaron Bailey-Nowell (forward)
20. Thane O’Leary (forward)


7. Houston O’Riley (guard)
26. Morgan Trott (forward)
2. Oscar Robertson (guard)
1. Mitch Dance (forward)
3. Quintin Bailey (forward)
6. Justin Cousin (guard)
10. Dane Brooks (guard)

Coach: David Bublitz
Assistant Coach: Andrew Green
Manager: Bevan Seddon

From The Coach - David Bublitz

Our performances this year have been open to interpretation with the number of roster changes we have had, we are looking forward to our two final home games and finishing on a positive note.



Starting 5
10. Jackson Stubbins (guard)
40. Daishon Knight (guard)
3. Wally Ellenson (guard/forward)
5. Taane Samuel (forward)
50. Shane Temara (forward/centre)


15. Troy Temara (forward/centre)
4. Haize Walker (guard)
Jake McKinlay
Adam Carter
Tia Temata-Frost

Coach: Tim McTamney
Assistant: Terry Tanoa
Assistant: Josh Reeves
Manager: Jason Pearn

From The Coach - Tim McTamney

As the season end draws near we have an opportunity to bounce back from the disappointments of our previous two games. The Mountainairs will also have something to prove. The absence of key players has hurt both teams but this promises to be a good matchup and there is still plenty left to play for.


Southland Sharks vs Southern Huskies - Friday @ 7pm

Broadcast: live from 7pm on SKY Sports,, TribeSports App, (AUS only)

Game Preview

The Sharks will start warm favourites here as they continue to warm-up for the Final 4. It's the second time in the space of a few weeks that the Huskies have made a visit to Invercargill, but this time they come with a very different looking team given Tre Nichols (injured) has headed home and been replaced by Harry Froling, who will match up with Alex Pledger. Craig Moller also missed the most recent clash and will be ready for this one. One player to keep a close eye on is Todd Blanchfield, who continues to deliver the goods in recent weeks and looks primed for a big Final 4 weekend. Jarrad Weeks is expected back after compassionate leave last round. The Huskies aren't without a chance after last week's big confidence-boosting win, but they will need to find a way to match Southland's guards, which may prove too much.


Starting 5
35. Alex Pledger (centre)
97. Jarrad Weeks (guard)
22. Hyrum Harris (guard/forward)
2. Todd Blanchfield (guard)
15. Tom Vodanovich (forward)

11. Dom Kelman-Poto (forward)
14. Tai Wynyard (centre)
25. Andrew Wheeler (guard)
45. Tinashe Matambanadzo (guard)
4. Roberto Nelson (guard) *questionable
3. Brandon Lucas (guard) *questionable
2. Tom Cowie (guard)

Coach: Judd Flavell
Assistant Coach: Mark Bell
Manager: Troy Paulin
Physio: Hayden Sproat

From the Coach - Judd Flavell

The Huskies lineup is likely to look quite different from when we played then last with the return of Craig Moller and the addition of Harry Froling. This will provide different challenges in the scout preparing for this game . Our defence has been a strength over the past month and we will look to keep this going as we know we have the offensive weapons to maintain our scoring. Every game we have left before heading to Final Four is vitally important and we are looking forward to the match ups and challenge this game will provide in front of what looks like already being a record crowd for the season.


Starting 5
Jalen Billups
Craig Moller(C)
Mason Bragg
Marcel Jones
Harry Froling

Tiri Masunda
Jordan Vandenberg
Lochlan Cummings

From the Coach - Anthony Stewart

We’ve missed out on the playoffs but that doesn’t mean that we still don’t have something to prove. We know we can mix it with the best of them in this league so these last two games will let us show everyone how far we’ve come since the start of the season. The Sharks are finishing just above us so it’d be nice to put one over on them. We’ve been to the stadium before so we know what sort of welcome we can expect and we’re relishing it. 


Canterbury Rams vs Wellington Saints - Friday @ 7pm

Game Preview

Just two rounds ago these two teams put on a great show in Wellington where the home team came out on top 84-80. The Rams went into that game without Isaiah Wilkins and Luke Aston, who both should be available for this return bout. The Saints (16-0) continue to sweep all comers and should they get past the Rams here they are a very good chance of getting through the regular season unscathed given they face the Rangers in R14. The Rams continue to be a defensive beast and at times in two previous clashes they have made scoring tough for the Saints. Given both teams are locked in for the Final 4 it will be interesting to see how they approach this game. What we do know is if they face each other again this season (after this game) it will be in the Grand Final at Horncastle Arena on Sunday July 21.


Starting 5
4. Emmett Naar (guard)
3. Cam Gliddon (guard)
25. Tony Tolovae (guard)
17. Isaiah Wilkins (forward) *questionable
44. Mike Karena (centre)

5. Taylor Britt (guard)
10. Sam Smith (guard)
1. Luke Aston (guard)
9. Jonathan Janssen (forward)
24. Alex Talma (forward)
30. Toby Gillooly (guard)
45. Brent Fisher (forward)

Coach: Mick Downer
Assistant Coach: Terry Brunel
Assistant Coach: Piet Van Hasselt
Manager: Raewyn Britt
Physio: Lidia Belles

From The Coach - Mick Downer

This will be our last regular season home game at the Cowles cauldron this season before we shift to Horncastle Arena for the Final 4 weekend. Both teams will be eagerly looking forward to the return match after the close encounter up in Wellington recently. We will be out to ruin the Saints unbeaten record and improve on our performance in the nationals capital where a substandard effort on the glass in the first half and not attacking the extended defensive pressure by the opposition the way we would like to lead to a big deficit. We were proud of the fight back but you can’t give teams that sort of a head start. Looking forward to seeing a ton of talent on the floor battle it out for the full 40mins. Enjoy the game.



Starting 5
55. Shea Ili (guard)
11. Jordan Ngatai (forward)
7. Reuben Te Rangi (guard)
4. Nick Kay (forward)
14. Rob Loe (centre)

15. Leon Henry (forward) *questionable
3. Sunday Dech *guard)
13. Anzac Rissetto (centre)
9. Theo Johnson (forward)
10. Thomas Abercrombie (forward)

Coach: Paul Henare
Assistant Coach: Kenny McFadden
Assistant Coach: Troy McLean
Manager: Phil Hartley
Physio: Jamie Beleski

From The Coach - Paul Henare

We look forward to battling against an in-form Rams outfit on their home floor where they have been really tough to beat this year. Our last game vs them just over a week ago pushed us right to the end and we are expecting another tough fight. This is perfect preparation as we start to focus on the finals in just over 2 weeks time.


Nelson Giants vs Southern Huskies - Saturday @  7pm

Broadcast: live from 7pm on SKY Sports,, TribeSports App, (AUS only)

Game Preview

Could this be the game that decides the 'best of the rest'? Seemingly fifth place is up for grabs here when the Giants and Huskies clash. Earlier in the season over in Tasmania the Huskies just got home against the Giants and this clash promises to be another close one. Two young centres in Harrison and Froling will do battle, Billups or Jones will probably get Vague, while Moller may get to chase Grida around. All up this will be an entertaining game. With finals out of the question it would be great to see these two teams open the floor up and put a show for the fans.  


Starting 5
2. Jordair Jett (guard)
11. Dan Grida (guard)
24. Tyrell Harrison (centre)
25. Rhys Vague (forward)
10. Sam Dempster (forward)

6. Ali Granger (guard)
7. Riley Bensemann (guard)
9. Tom Ingham (guard)
14. Mika Vukona (forward)
26. Bronson Beri (forward)
42. Nic Trathen (forward)
43. Tysxun Aiolupotea (guard)

Coach: Mike Fitchett
Assistant Coach: Phill Jones
Manager: Andrew Stevens
Physio: Ashlee Lusty

From The Coach - Mike Fitchett
This will be a great chance for our fans to see a new team to the league, and many new players. The Huskies pipped us in Tasmania and we are looking to rectify that result. With one last chance to play at the Trafalgar Centre in 2019, we are looking to put in a strong performance.



Starting 5

Jalen Billups
Craig Moller(C)
Mason Bragg
Marcel Jones
Harry Froling

Tiri Masunda
Jordan Vandenberg
Lochlan Cummings

From the Coach - Anthony Stewart

It was a close one last time we played these boys and we’re expecting much of the same from them this time. They’ve got some outstanding talent in the team with Rhys Vague and Jordair Jett being standouts, so we’ll need to be on our game to keep them at bay. We’ve had a few changes through injury losing Bryan Michaels and Tre Nichols but on the plus side we’ve got Harry Froling available so we’ll be looking to capitalise on that. The arena looks like a bit of cauldron so hopefully we’ll add some fire to it and pick up the win to close out our New Zealand games for the year.



Supercity Rangers vs Hawke's Bay Hawks - Sunday @ 3pm 

Game Preview

Given the changes in the Rangers camp before last week's game this contest against the Hawks takes on a completely different look. The visitors will win, it's just a case of by how much? No doubt, much like the Rams did last week, the Hawks will use this game to get good minutes into the second unit, which could prove to be ideal preparation ahead of the Final 4. Unfortunately not much to see here, the Hawks will chalk-up win number 13 for the season.


No team list or coach quotes provided.



Starting 5
6. Jarrod Kenny (guard)
13. Dion Prewster (guard)
12. Ethan Rusbatch (forward)
7. Darryl Jones (forward)
15. Brandon Bowman (forward)

3. Nick Fee (guard)
5. Everard Bartlett (guard)
27. Jamal Mikaio (forward)
18. Clifton Bush III (forward)
19. Dominic McGovan (guard) *questionable
11. Ryan Laumatia (guard)

Coach: Zico Coronel
Assistant Coach: Morgan Maskell
Assistant Coach: Rob Hartley
Manager: Jordan Wise
Physio: Colin Tutchen

From The Coach - Zico Coronel

This week will be a great challenge for us as we prepare for the upcoming Final Four and the level of performance that will be required in Christchurch. The Rangers have some great young players who will be hungry to prove themselves given their increased opportunities.


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