Race For The TAB MVP Will Be Red Hot

With all nine teams and a host of outstanding players stepping up to the start line this week, the race for this season’s title will be extremely tight, but so too will the battle for the league’s highest individual award, the TAB MVP.

Cast your eye across the battle pack and you can’t help but feel we are in for 14 rounds of twists and turns, ups and downs, streaks of individual brilliance and no shortage of highlights.


Current TAB MVP Odds

Shea Ili (Saints) - $5

Mitch McCarron (Sharks) - $6

Nick Kay (Saints) - $7

Cam Gliddon (Rams) - $9

Craig Moller (Huskies) - $10

Jordair Jett (Giants) - $10

Daniel Kickert (Hawks) - $12

Emmett Naar (Rams) - $12

Tim Quarterman (Rangers) - $12

Todd Blanchfield (Sharks) - $12

Reuben Te Rangi (Saints) - $12

Jarrad Weeks (Sharks) - $15


From last season’s winner Shea Ili through to the likes of Mitch McCarron, Cam Gliddon, Nick Kay and Todd Blanchfield, we all know there will be some clear favourites for the TAB MVP.

However, this season’s talent pool is deep, real deep. Rob Loe, Rueben Te Rangi, Emmett Naar, Jordair Jett, Craig Moller, Tim Quarterman, Nnanna Egwu, Daniel Kickert, Jarrad Weeks, Jarrod Kenny, Kuran Iverson, Wally Ellenson, Daniel Gomis, Chris Early, Alex Pledger …. it’s a long list!

In an entertaining twist, which will be a first for the Sal’s NBL, each week the two coaches from every game will cast votes and those votes will be published publicly. By the end of the regular season we will arrive at the top 10 vote-getters and then the final selection will take place.

Who will win? Will there be a standout? Or will the race go down to the wire.

It will be fast, it will be entertaining and it will be fun. Strap yourself in.


Latest TAB MVP odds - CLICK HERE


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