Reddish To Coach Bulls In Sal’s NBL 2021

After a successful showing at the Sal's NBL Showdown, led by Head Coach Liam Simmons, the EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls are excited to announce its season 2021 Head Coach and Associate Head Coaching team.

While there is a lot of uncertainty around the sporting world, the Sal's NBL is 100% focused on getting back to as normal as possible with home games a focus. This means the EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls will be hosting games at home in Pukekohe.

The Bulls are proud to announce their Head Coach and Associate Head Coaches.

Head Coach - Jamie Reddish
Associate Head Coach - Tony Webster
Associate Head Coach - Pascal Meurs

Reddish, who has spent the past year as Bulls' General Manager, will step down from the GM Role this month to take on the coaching role.

“I have allowed my coaching to take a back seat in recent years, in part because I have been building a basketball organisation. But since the NBL Showdown I have discovered a passion for coaching at the next level. It just made sense that this was the right time. I have also been working with and playing against top level athletes my entire basketball career and believe I can lead this team in 2021," said Reddish.

Scott Kelso, who will take over the role the GM, knows Reddish is the right person to lead the team in 2021.

“For us as an organisation, we felt that the one person who could continue to lead our team and our organisation, was Jamie, especially in this Covid-19 environment. Not only does he represent Franklin as a tireless advocate for our sport and the youth in our community, but he also has a creative basketball mind, an ability to lead, is able to make tough decisions and has a strong focus on player development. That’s why he’ll lead our team well and we are excited at the development opportunities for players and coaches in our community,” Kelso said.

"The 2021 season is going to be significant for the EnviroNZ Bulls with this being our first home season and the 2021 campaign will be focused around being local, so expect to see a lot more of the team around Franklin. It's also important that in this Covid-19 environment that we back our partners and support our local business community, as much as possible."


New EnviroNZ Head Coach Jamie Reddish with Sal's NBL General Manager Justin Nelson (photo credit: PhotosportNZ)

While Reddish takes on the top coaching role, he has made a concerted effort to surround himself with a strong team that will support him throughout the season, and support players in their development. The Associate Head Coaches will support him in specific areas, and support the team with their experience and expertise.

“This is not a one man show, we are a team and will work that way to get the job done and help our players succeed, both in the Sal's NBL and with their aspirational goals. I am excited to be able to have the support of some experienced coaches to support me during the season and I am looking forward to our assistant coaches being announced as well."

The Bulls will announce the assistant coaching staff in the coming days, who will be on the ground from November working with the team. Both have NBL experience in playing and coaching.



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