Revealed: The Top 10 Players Who Can Win The SkyCity MVP

The final list of 10 players for the official voting of the SkyCity MVP has been revealed ahead of tonight's winner being announced.

The SkyCity MVP will be voted on by a panel of 11 people, including all seven team head coaches and an independent panel of four. The independent panel have seen every game played across the Sal's NBL Showdown.

After every regular season game played, the two coaches each vote for the five best players on the court (30 votes in total awarded after every game), and they must include two players from the opposition team. At the end of the regular season the top 10 vote-getters are put through to a final vote where the panel votes on every player, starting with 10 votes for the player they deem to be the MVP, then voting down to 1 vote for the tenth player on their list.

Across the Sal's NBL Showdown there was 1,470 votes awarded with 62 different players receiving votes.

The new MVP system was introduced in 2019 with Australian forward Nick Kay taking the award.

Voting for the 2020 award is taking place today and the SkyCity MVP will be awarded tonight to one of the following players.

Derone Raukawa (Airs)
Jordan Ngatai (Nuggets)
Marcel Jones (Airs)
Tom Vodanovich (Jets)
Taylor Britt (Rams)
Isaac Davidson (Bulls)
Izayah Maurihooho-Le’afa (Huskies)
Jayden Bezzant (Jets)
Dom Kelman-Poto (Bulls)
Tohi Smith-Milner (Huskies)



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