Rules Explained: Team Fouls In Overtime

The Sal's NBL has made a change to team fouls and bonus free throws in Overtime Periods for season 2021.

In short, the team fouls for each team will return to 0-0 for an Overtime Period, and the same for any subsequent Overtime Periods.

Bonus free throws will commence on the third team foul in an Overtime Period. Full details as communicated to the teams is below:


1) If a game goes into an Overtime Period, the scoretable and stats officials are to return the team foul count for both teams back to zero.

2) Any display of team fouls, either on the scoreboard or television broadcast, including team foul count markers, should be removed or show the team foul count at the commencement of the Overtime Period as reading 0-0.

3) During the Overtime Period teams will be permitted (2) team fouls without penalty. Once a third team foul is committed, and it not being judged as an offensive foul, the opposition team will take two bonus free throws.

4) At any time, fouls deemed to have been committed in the act of shooting will be treated as shooting fouls with the appropriate free throws awarded.

5) After the first Overtime Period, any subsequent Overtime Period will be treated the same way - that being the team foul count for both teams will be returned to 0-0 and the team foul bonus will commence upon the third team foul being committed during that period.


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