Sal’s NBL Team Of The Week – Round 4

Congratulations to the five players who have been selected in the Team of the Week for Round 4 from the Sal's NBL Red Carpet.

The following players who have been selected in the Team of the Week for Round 4;

Jarrad Weeks (Sharks) 33pts, 1rb, 6ast, 3stl, 7 treys & 1opts, 4rbs, 2ast, 1stl, 1 trey

Weeks was everywhere on Friday night against the Airs, dropping what's believed to be a career-high 33pts and continually coming up with the answers every time the Airs made a run at the Sharks.

Shea Ili (Saints) 25pts, 3rbs, 10ast, 2stl, 1 trey

All class. In a tight game where the Saints had to come from 15pts down at the half, the league's 2018 MVP did what he does best - scored points and set others up to do the same.

Tim Quarterman (Rangers) 40pts, 9rbs, 2ast, 3stl, 1blk, 3 treys

An amazing display with his 40pts more than half of his team's total (77). Other than a slow start (13-27), the Rangers competed well and it was Quarterman who continually came up with the big baskets.

Chris Early (Airs) 29pts, 10rbs, 1ast, 2stl, 9 treys

Delivering his best game of the season against the Sharks, Early did all he could to give the Airs a chance. Some of biggest shots of the night came from the hand of Early as he dropped nine triples, the most from any player in a game this year.

Wally Ellenson (Jets) 33pts, 7rbs, 2ast, 1blk, 4 treys

In a memorable win for the Jets, Ellenson provided an array of highlights. When the game was on the line, Ellenson went to another level and led his team to a thrilling win.


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