Sal’s NBL to Enforce Stricter Rules On Conduct in Response to Official’s Decisions

The Sal’s NBL has today advised all teams that there will be an immediate crackdown on players and coaches excessively disputing decisions in games. This is in response to an increase in disputes that have featured continued poor behaviour towards officials this season, ultimately resulting in technical fouls.

Under the League’s current rules, player and coaches face financial penalties if they are found to be excessively disputing the decisions of referees, with fines starting from $250 for an early plea on a first offence and moving to as much as $1500 on a third offence without an early plea, and these measures will be more strictly enforced moving forward.

League general manager Maree Taylor has advised all teams that the competition’s referees have been advised to report any player or coach who is deemed to be excessively disputing decisions during games and such reports, which can be made after the game, will be sent directly to the Game Review Commissioner to be considered, after which penalties can be issued under the League’s tribunal system for those found to be in breach. 

“Unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in players and coaches disputing decisions in games and as a fan-friendly competition with a rising viewership on television and in stadiums across the country, this behaviour will not be tolerated,” said Taylor.

“We listen to our fans and many have expressed their discontent with the way players and coaches have been disputing decisions, This is not the example the league wants to be for junior players or those who enjoy the game socially. Our players are role-models for aspiring athletes up and down the country and not the example the league wants to be for junior players or those who enjoy the game socially."

"With all Sal’s NBL games live on television in New Zealand and around the world, our players and coaches need to be better in showcasing what is a fun and entertaining game to take part in as a player or a fan, and they will do so moving forward." 


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