Sal’s NBL – Trade Window Explained

There's no time for rest in the Sal's NBL as we move from draft mode to a three-day Trade Window that allows teams to talk through and possibly complete a trade ahead of Sunday night (5pm).

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The rules for the Trade Window are as follows;

1) The Trade Window will be open for 3 days following the draft where teams will be able to trade players. Teams will have an additional pre-set allowance they can use to trade players, which is designed to assist them in the event they trade in more wages than they trade out.

2) Regardless of the completed trade, each player’s contract remains guaranteed following the Player Draft. For example, if a Rank 3 player is traded to another team, their contract (payment) remains guaranteed – it cannot be altered.

3) To complete a trade, including multi-team trades, the same number of players must be traded between teams. You cannot trade one player to receive two players. It must be the same number out for the same number in. Roster sizes must remain at 12 players.

4) The NBL Independent Panel must sign-off on all proposed trades. Teams involved in a trade will submit the details to the NBL Independent Panel and once signed-off by this panel the trade will be complete.

5) All completed trades will be immediately  announced publicly by the League.




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