Sharks Devour Nuggets in Invercargill

The SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks have turned a high-scoring 71-point first half against the Go Media Otago Nuggets into a 117-93 win and a ticket to the 2021 Sal's NBL Final 4. 

The Sharks dominated from the outset, leaving the Nuggets shell-shocked as Dom Kelman-Poto, Josh Cunningham and Alonzo Burton took early control. Sam Timmins, with help from Luke Aston, did his utmost to try and claw the Nuggets back into the game, but the Sharks smelled blood from the get go.

A 32-17 first quarter was followed by a 39-18 second and the game was all but done before the big break. The Nuggets appeared reenergised after half time, an 11-point run seeing them take the third term 33-20, but the road back was too long.

The Sharks seal a spot in the Final Four (July 22-23 in Porirua), while the Huskies now have a firm hand on a top four spot. The Nuggets must win against both the Saints and Rams to keep any hope alive of a spot in the playoffs.


Tickets to the Final 4 are on sale now - click HERE.


Southland Sharks (117) defeated Otago Nuggets (93) - BOXSCORE 

Sharks: Dom Kelman-Poto (25pts, 9rbs), Josh Cunningham (21pts, 8rbs, 9ast), Brayden Inger (17pts), Courtney Belger (11ast).

Nuggets: Sam Timmins (26pts, 14rbs), Luke Aston (19pts).


Stuff Votes

Dom Kelman-Poto (Sharks) 10pts

Sam Timmins (Nuggets) 8pts

Josh Cunningham (Sharks) 4pts

Brayden Inger (Sharks) 3pts

Alonzo Burton (Sharks) 3pts

Luke Aston (Nuggets) 1pt

Isaiah Moss (Nuggets) 1pt


(Photo Credit: PhotosportNZ)


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