Stubbins all set for 2020 Sal’s NBL with help of family

While some Kiwis got sick of being with their family longer than they’re used to, Jackson Stubbins couldn’t have been happier having his brother around 24/7.  

He and his twin Elliot used the lockdown to help sharpen each other’s skills, setting themselves up to be one step ahead of the curve once basketball returns.

The pair went to work nearly every day with the help of a hoop in their back yard, corralling the other’s missed shots and playing defence in games of one on one.

Jackson Stubbins says he’s come out of quarantine a better player with having a training partner.

“I didn’t really have an excuse to not work on my game having a hoop and my brother so close by.

“It was good having Elliot there to work out with because there’s only so much you can do by yourself.

“I enjoyed being able to train like we did and feel good for what’s to come.”

This season will be the fifth year the Wellingtonian has taken part in the Sal’s NBL and shapes to be his best opportunity to stamp his mark.

He made the move north to the Manawatu Jets last year after spending the previous two with the Wellington Saints.

The decision to turn out in a green singlet gave him greater exposure to the demands of New Zealand’s premier basketball competition, and the guard showcased his ability to learn on the go as he improved every outing.

Stubbins says he wants to make another leap and that the upcoming season presents a prime opportunity.

“I went to the Jets looking for a bigger role on an NBL team and Tim [McTamney] gave me that.

“As cool as it was training against Shea [Ili] and the Saints boys, nothing compares to time on the court and I feel like it showed as the year went on.

“I don’t think a lot changed stats-wise, but I felt more comfortable by the end compared to the start.

“It’s going to be different without having as many imports, but it also gives us local talent a chance to ourselves out there. I’m going to use it as a chance to build on last year.”

Stubbins will have to wait until next Thursday (11 June) for the Player Draft to see what team he will be playing for in Auckland when the Sal's NBL returns on Tuesday June 23.



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