This Is What 18-0 Looks Like

The Wellington Saints have completed a perfect 18-0 season and now head to the Final 4 in Christchurch next week as almost un-backable favourites to claim their 11th Sal's NBL crown.

The run of wins has come on the back of a remarkable season for health with barely an injury to speak of. The full Saints squad is looking sharp and seemingly in full health ahead of the season's biggest weekend.

Can the Saints now go 20-0, just as they did in 2017? History says the NBL trophy will be on a plane back to Wellington on Monday July 22.


Here's a look at their unbeaten season;

Saints def Hawks 106-79 (27pts)

Saints def Huskies 87-60 (17pts)

Saints def Sharks 126-102 (24pts)

Saints def Rams 80-67 (13pts)

Saints def Huskies 91-86 (5pts)

Saints def Jets 106-104 (2pts)

Saints def Rangers 108-75 (33pts)

Saints def Sharks 122-77 (45pts)

Saints def Giants 111-100 (11pts)

Saints def Giants 82-71 (11pts)

Saints def Airs 83-74 (9pts)

Saints def Airs 101-78 (23pts)

Saints def Jets 107-82 (25pts)

Saints def Hawks 99-74 (25pts)

Saints def Rams 84-80 (4pts)

Saints def Jets 111-72 (39pts)

Saints def Rams 77-71 (6pts)

Saints def Rangers 113-67 (46pts)


Average Winning Margin Against

2nd - Hawks (26pts)

3rd - Rams (8pts)

4th - Sharks (35pts)

5th - Huskies (11pts)

6th - Giants (11pts)

7th - Airs (16ts)

8th - Rangers (40pts)

9th - Jets (22pts)


Coming Up

Semi Final / Saturday July 20 vs Southland Sharks / 3:10pm @ Horncastle Arena


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