Thursday Night Lights – Talking Points – Airs vs Jets

It's a game between the two bottom teams in the Sal's NBL, but that doesn't mean the Airs and Jets haven't got anything to play for. Let's take a look at 10 Talking Points in tonight's dose of Thursday Night Lights live on SKY Sports and Prime TV from 7:35pm.



  1. Dane Brooks - the dashing and athletic young guard has been a very important player for the Airs this season and he has been named to play after some recent illness. It will certainly help the argument for an Airs victory if Brooks steps on court.
  2. Wooden Spoon - we thought we'd slip this in second rather than just leading with the obvious at number one, but yet this game will probably decide the wooden spoon. Though season 2019 has panned out too well for both teams and wins have been few and far between (two each actually), there is no doubt players and coaches DO NOT want to be remembered for winning the wooden spoon.
  3. Future Careers - taking off from the last point, finishing last is, well, finishing last, and when it comes time to sit down and analyse the season of a coach and the players the firstling you look at is performance, and finishing last is, well, finishing last.
  4. Kuran Iverson - don't get your hopes up, the star import is back home recovering from a knee injury, but the point here is that he has been sadly missed by the Jets.
  5. Daishon Knight / Wally Ellenson - both Jets imports have played some good games of late and they've played some very poor games. Coach Tim McTamney will be hoping he gets to see their best tonight.
  6. Derone Raukawa - one of the most underrated guards in the competition, Raukawa seems to have shaken off persistent ankle injuries and will want to finish the season strongly. He's the go-to player for the Airs right now and he will need to be at his best to get his team across the line for a win. He has a lot riding on his shoulders.
  7. Tassie Curse - oh we've gone and done it, we've brought up the Tassie Curse. The Airs are coming home of a thumping in Australia last week and we've seen way too many times this season what happen's to teams after they've ventured across the ditch to play the Huskies. Will the curse continue?
  8. The Yeti - let's hope both teams bring plenty of action and excitement to Thursday Night Lights and that the Mountainairs Yeti doesn't end up being the star of the show as he ventures out into the crowd to meet the fans.
  9. Bublitz vs McTamney - when wins have been as rare as hen's teeth a coach will take anything they can get. There's a lot riding on this one for Bublitz and McTamney, and they both know it. 
  10. Xavier Shaw - just keep an eye on him, that's all we'll say. After the vacancies left by all three imports there has been increased opportunity for the forward and we like the way he's grabbed his chance.



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