Voting Panel Announced For Sal’s NBL Season Awards

The Sal's NBL has finalised a 15-person panel to vote for the 2021 season awards, including the prestigious Stuff MVP.

At the completion of the regular season, the panel will vote for a number of prized awards including Coach of the Year, Youth Player of the Year, Most Improved Player of the Year and the All-Star Five.

The panel includes all team Head Coaches (10), plus five independent members - Huw Beynon, Megan Compain, Dillon Boucher, Casey Frank and Justin Nelson.

The Stuff MVP will see the top 10 votegetters from across the regular season go into the final vote, the Youth Player of the Year will be open to every player aged 21-years and younger, while the Defensive Player of the Year will be selected from players nominated by the coaches.

All 10 coaches will be included in the list for Coach of the Year.

The All-Star Five must contain either 3 x guards and 2 x forwards/centres, or 2 x guards and 3 x forwards/centres.

All award winners will be announced during the Final 4 week.


2021 Season Awards Voting Panel

Aaron Young (Huskies)

Jamie Reddish (Bulls)

Trent Adam (Airs)

Adam Forde (Hawks)

Tim McTamney (Jets)

Zico Coronel (Saints)

Mike Fitchett (Giants)

Mick Downer (Rams)

Brent Matehaere (Nuggets)

Rob Beveridge (Sharks)

Huw Beynon (independent)

Megan Compain (independent)

Dillon Boucher (independent)

Casey Frank (independent)

Justin Nelson (independent)   

(Photo Credit: PhotosportNZ)


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