Rules Explained: MVP Voting System

The Sal's NBL introduced a new voting system ahead of the 2019 season to determine the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the regular season. The same system will continue in season 2021.

The MVP Voting System is designed to arrive at the 10 best players across the regular season, as determined by the Head Coaches. From there, the Head Coaches will have the biggest say on the final result (the final vote), but are joined by five independent panel members who have seen a majority of games across the season, thus helping to ensure a rounded conclusion to finding the season MVP. 

The MVP Voting System is also designed to deliver greater engagement with fans and the media with votes awarded after every regular season game and made public. This includes a running leaderboard showing the Top 10 vote getters each week.


This is how it works:

• At the completion of every regular season game the Head Coach or Assistant Coach of each team lodges MVP votes, listing (5) players.

• Each set of votes must include at least (2) players from the opposition team.

• Votes are awarded to (5) players – starting with five votes for the player deemed to be the best player in the game, down to one vote for the player deemed to be the fifth best player in the game.

• All MVP votes are made public after every game and a weekly leaderboard is published.

• At the completion of the regular season the 10 players who have received the most MVP votes go into the final vote for the season MVP.

• The final vote is conducted by a panel of 15 people, including the 10 Head Coaches and 5 independent members selected by the League. These are usually people who have seen the vast majority of games across the regular season.

• In the final vote, panel members start by awarding 10 votes to the player they deem to be the best player (MVP) of the regular season, down to one vote for the player deemed to be the tenth best player of the regular season.



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